Here are pictures from a wedding i second shot for TAK Photography last summer. I decided to re-edit the majority of my wedding pictures for practice... so here they are!
-I remember I was soso nervous for this wedding because it was my first one. At the same time, I was still very ambitious to get amazing shots. Looking back at them now, I'm still pretty proud of them. As i did more weddings, I think I got burned out a little because I didn't feel as creative when I was shooting them. Yes, I still loved second shooting but I felt like I could have done better. Now as I venture more into photography I think I will always be like that..
-working with TAK photography was one of the best things that has ever happend for me. It was such a good opportunity for me to get images for my portfolio. Theresa (the photographer of TAK) was so wonderful to me. Her work is AMAZING. check her out at www.takphotography.com . :)


Okay so I'm slightly obsessed with Adele. There are so many good covers out there! 
Im posting versions of someone like you :)
Here's the original.

Here's a cover.
and another..
and here's a classical cover :)


Welcome to New York :)

I'm quite disappointed with these pictures but as of request i am putting them up. Ideally at the start of this trip i wanted to capture the people of New York, like i did in Spain, but as time went on it was difficult to capture still images of people while constantly walking. I feel like I have forgotten how to take pictures..I regret not making more of an effort. Of course I can remember the people and fashion but I can't share what I remember. The majority of the these are of my favorite pieces of art from the various museums that we went to. I love love love the art museums in New York. I was so happy that I was able to recognize pieces and that I even found my favorite one (Perstencia de Memoria by Dali). :) Aside from my disappointing pictures, the trip was wonderful! It's nice to have a break from everything as cliche as that is. The shopping definitely made everything better. H&M is always a plus. The food was amazing of course. Going to restaurants that are only vegetarian is a huge change. There are many options here in Grand Rapids. Then all of a sudden there is a huge selection of vegetarian and vegan (which was interesting/good to try).  There were times when I got very frustrated. New York is very populated and crowded and this made me feel flustered. I kept on thinking of things I need to get done and wanted to get done but I couldn't because I wasn't home and this added onto my stress. Thankfully, that feeling didn't last very long and I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. If anyone reads this, I apologize for my lack of being interesting. Enjoy the pictures!
 Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

 A Starry Night (I never thought I'd be able to see this) 

 Warhol will always amaze me.

 I saw this in my history book sophomore year.. I believe its a woman from the Great Depression
 This top picture is the original sketch and below it are the final (famous) products
Metropolitan Museum (MET)
 Hippopotamus "William" (Yes, that was the caption) 

 Heh.. i love my family.

 Now this is some original Tiffany & Co. This is what makes them worth the money not some silver chain.

 ahh i can't remember what this reminds me of exactly but its similar to a painting I studied in my spanish class junior year.
 My art teacher had her intro students to a paper clipping collage thingy of this painting a few years back.

 Dali. He was a genius.Really.

 Meghal matched the sculpture.

 Outside the MET
 Re-done railroad tracks over this city that was made into a walk way.
 That's a new hotel. It looks like its from the early 1900's.
 East Village?? or West Village.. I forgot. It's near SOHO

 I feel like I only saw little dogs in pairs.

 Triangle apartment complex :)

 Guggenheim Museum