I dyed my hair purple.

So this was my inspiration. I went to brighton beauty school in town because it was the cheapest place. Since they are just students doing the hair they couldn't really do the ombre with the silver tips so it turned out more like a dip dye.
So first I got my hair bleached twice so the color would stay. This is at a level 6 and thats the lightest it would go. 
Then they put a "lock" on it so the dye would be permanent but the purple didn't stick so this happened. Pink.

So two days later I went back in to get it fixed. They had also put the bleach too high up so I had them dye more of the top back to black and kind of just have the purple stay underneath. 

The final :) I will probably have this fixed again to be more like the inspiration photo when I fly back from brighton in june.