Married: Natalie + Mike

While Natalie was getting her hair done, her mom revealed that she loved everything princess-like. There was no doubt that her wedding would be anything short of a fairytale. Her feather and crystal headband matched her fairytale-like princess dress. To make sure her fairytale wedding would go off without a hitch, Natalie had spent many hours creating multiple spreadsheets detailing the events of the day. With Michigan brewed beer, and gourmet popcorn with flavors like dill-pickle, everything in her wedding was Michigan made and tailored to her love for Michigan. Even the local band was perfect, knowing that Mike has a passion for music and is a musician himself. Natalie's planning definitely payed off. You that when two people love literature and enjoy discussing Shakespeare, they are perfect for each other.

Natalie's Blog all about how she planned her wedding: 

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